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What’s it about?

700 years in the future, a robot named WALL-E is alone on earth cleaning up rubbish. One day a space ship drops off a new robot named EVE. EVE’s job is to find life on earth. WALL-E tries to make friends with EVE but she just wants to focus on work. One day EVE finds a plant and her ship returns to take her home. WALL-E sneaks onto the ship with EVE. The space ship is filled with fat humans who have robots do everything for them. Because EVE found plant life on earth, the captain wants to return to earth but the ship's computer wants to destroy the plant and stop the ship returning to earth.

What to look out for

  • EVE shoots at everything when she first lands on earth
  • WALL-E is hit by lightening
  • The captain and the computer co-pilot fight each other for control of the ship
  • When the ship tips over some of the people are nearly killed
  • WALL-E is badly hurt and EVE tries to repair him but he loses his personality

Moral of the Story

The message of this story is to think about how waste affects our planet