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What’s it about?

Wreck-it-Ralph is the villain in a video game but would rather be the hero like Fix-it-Felix is. One day he decides to ‘step out’ of his game and look for another where he can be the hero.  Unfortunately he ends up in a shooting game which makes the enemy threaten the entire arcade where he lives.  Wreck-it-Ralph now has the chance to be a real hero and along the way he makes friends with a young girl Vanellope who needs his help.

What to look out for

There are several scenes where Ralph gets angry and destroys things and some fighting such as:

  • One of the villains rips out the heart of another man and holds it up for everyone to see.
  • Ralph and his squadron are attacked by giant robotic bugs that shoot at them and try to eat them. Ralph and his men shoot back.
  • King Candy drives up behind Vanellope and tries to crash her car. He reaches over and tries to attack and kill her too.

The giant robotic bugs are quite scary creatures – they are huge and they try to eat people.

Moral of the Story

Sometimes people appear to be ‘bad’ people but inside they really want to be good. It’s important to believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving.