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Editorial: Can I Have Your Attention? March 8, 2021

Everyone is competing for our attention these days - advertisers and marketers, social media and game developers all want us to stay, play and pay.  This message was brought home in last year’s powerful documentary The Social Dilemma (Netflix).  Tristan Harris of the read more »

February 23 e-bulletin is out now! February 23, 2021

Our latest e-bulletin is out now! This e-bulletin includes the latest in child development news and our newest movie reviews. Read it here   read more »

February 11 e-bulletin is out now! February 19, 2021

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Editorial: Goodbye to C and P programs on commercial TV? February 3, 2021

The first day of the New Year saw the commencement of the new Australian and Children’s content standards for commercial free-to-air TV in Australia.    It seems unlikely that these will support the continued production and screening of quality age-appropriate programs for primary school read more »

Classification systems can impact children’s health and development: Listen here January 13, 2021

ACCM's president, Prof Elizabeth Handsley, was interviewed by Dr David Lim for Healthed's The Clinical Takeaway podcast series. The podcast has had more than 400 downloads and talks about media classifications and neuropsychological stages of development. Listen here read more »

E-bulletin: How do you discuss difficult current events with children? January 12, 2021

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Editorial: Improving Australia's poor privacy protections December 10, 2020

  ACCM’s submission to the Attorney -General’s review of the Privacy Act (see small screen page one story) included the following concerns: THE ‘digital footprint’ of children under 15: Privacy law must regulate what data may be collected, used and disseminated by entities that engage directly with read more »

November 27 e-bulletin is out! December 1, 2020

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November 20 e-bulletin is out! November 22, 2020

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Take our e-safety survey! November 19, 2020

ACCM wants parents’ view on the apps their children play  - take our survey here   read more »

Editorial: Apps Can Trap November 17, 2020

By BARBARA BIGGINS CEO ACCM We all need to sit up and take notice of this finding from the ACCC report.  Sec 4.1 Despite increasing consumer concern about use of their information, new research conducted by the ACCC and AppCensus has found that consumers are tracked extensively online. Many popular read more »

ACCM submission to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child November 17, 2020

ACCM has provided feedback on the Draft General Comment No. 25 Children’s rights in relation to the digital environment (DGC). This submission has been prepared on behalf of the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) by ACCM president, Professor Elizabeth Handsley, in consultation with the ACCM chief executive, Barbara Biggins OAM. The submission read more »

Esafety commissioner warns of hazards with game 'Among Us' November 2, 2020

Popular with increasing numbers of Australian children, this game has hazards not evident given its G classification. See here The UK group Internet Matters has a longer review and more advice on what parents need to watch out for including exposure to inappropriate content read more »

October 26 e-bulletin is out now! October 26, 2020

Our latest e-bulletin is out now! Read our October 26, 2020 edition here read more »

Android Software development kits (SDKs) from Jiguang found to perform invasive monitoring of consumers October 21, 2020

US researchers have found that the Jiguang SDK present in a number of Android apps was performing invasive monitoring of consumers. They said  “ … Jiguang’s SDK is particularly concerning because this code can run silently in the background without the consumer ever using the app in which it is embedded. read more »