Free TV adopts family- unfriendly Code of Practice November 10, 2015

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)  has today announced its approval of the revised Free TV Code of Practice.
ACCM finds the Code very family-unfriendly.  
There will be no time when families can sit down together to enjoy TV, without having to be on guard  (apart from some programs principally directed to children).  
Early evening family style viewing will be curtailed with M programs being screened at 7.30pm and MA15+ at 8.30pm.  
The long running issue of ambush by program promotions is not going to be fixed by  a prohibition on promos for M and MA15 programs in programs principally directed to children.  (see news item about Catching Milat promos)
Sporting programs will be a minefield for families.
We do not support ACMA’s statement that  the Code contains appropriate community safeguards.

Read more in the ACCM media release

Read more in the ACMA media release

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