Review of the ACMA - Have your say May 9, 2016

Department of Communications and the Arts has released the draft report on the Review of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for public comment.

The report contains 27 draft proposals which address the objectives, functions, performance, governance and resource base of the ACMA.

A media release from the Minister for Communications and the Arts announcing public consultation on the Department’s draft report can be found here:

The draft report can be found on the Department of Communications and the Arts website

There will be a five week public consultation period ending 10 June 2016 for stakeholders to provide feedback and comments on the draft report. The Department welcomes feedback wish through the have your say page

One proposal of interest is that the ACMA could take on the role of classification:

The ACMA would be well placed to administer a harmonised classification scheme, including associated industry self-classification arrangements and electronic classification tools. This would unite online and offline classification functions within a modernised classification scheme for the benefit of consumers and industry………….. This could include taking on the functions of classification currently performed by the Classification Board and the Classification Review Board, in consultation with the States and Territories.