New government classification website to be launched November 12, 2019

New government classification website to be launched 

The Federal Government will launch a new classification website on Wednesday, November 13.

The assistant secretary of the communications and the arts departments' classification branch, Aaron O'Neill, emailed "key stakeholders" on Tuesday, November 12, to advise them of the new website.

In the email, Mr O'Neill said the website "will provide a faster and easier way for consumers and industry to access ratings and consumer advice for films and computer games, as well as information about the classification system".

"Clear and trusted classification information enables the Australian community, particularly those caring for children and young people, to make informed choices about film and computer games and avoid unsuitable content," Mr O'Neill said in the email.

The email listed some of the benefits of the website as: 

  • Having a mobile responsive design, so content can be easily accessed from anywhere
  • Simple, intuitive navigation and search functionality for easy access to information on films and games
  • Quick access to the latest classification decisions
  • Short explainer videos to help consumers make the most of classification ratings and consumer advice
  • A news and media centre to stay up to date with media releases and updates about classification; and A new service providing summary information on the content of new release films to help parents choose the right movies for their children.