FLICKS and CMA new partnership

Flicks, the leading movie, cinema and streaming guide and Vista Group company, and Children and Media Australia (CMA), have today announced a partnership making it easier for parents and carers to identify suitable content for their children to watch.

The partnership sees CMA’s award-winning, child-development based movie reviews added to Flicks’ content across their New Zealand, Australian and UK website and app.

Flicks helps to solve the universal pain-point of not knowing what to watch, and this partnership is a first step into a larger play to help time-poor parents discover the best and most suitable movies for children.

The CMA reviews describe a movie’s plot, and list the content that can scare, is violent, deals with mature themes, sexual references and other problematic issues. The reviewers, who all have expertise in child development, provide an age recommendation – this is the age from which children are most likely to enjoy the movie without risk of harm.

This age is signalled with a green tick  .