Brands off our kids: ACCM backs move to take action on junk food advertising March 8, 2021

A new report has called on Australian governments to protect children from unhealthy food marketing and highlights research that seven in 10 adults want their children protected from junk food advertising.

The Obesity Policy Coalition report, released on World Obesity Day (March 5), says children should be able to learn, play and live in a world that promotes their health and wellbeing, but this is currently not the case.

COVID-19 priorities have pushed obesity prevention from the mainstream view, despite the pandemic reinforcing the importance of prevention and research showing that people above a healthy weight are more likely to experience more severe outcomes from COVID-19.

The Obesity Collective today called for up-to-date national clinical practice guidelines on how to assess, help and manage people with obesity since the earlier guidelines lapsed in 2018.

Paediatrician Louise Baur, President Elect for the World Obesity Federation, said: “While some people joke about ‘COVID kilos’, the pandemic has aggravated weight issues for many Australians.”

ACCM has supported this call.