Five reasons to have your say on the government's classification review February 13, 2020


Now is your chance to tell the Federal Government what you think of Australia's classification system. Many parents tell us they want more information that is useful for choosing movies for young children. You have until February 19, 2020, to make a submission.



You know that opportunities to get things changed occur rarely, and you see the value in taking this one. 


You want classification to provide protection from content likely to harm or disturb children, and you know the current system doesn't do so effectively.


You want parents and carers to get enough information to be able have confidence in choosing age-appropriate content for their children. 


You want a classification system that is based on evidence of harm, not community standards and offence.


The government's plans for a self-regulated online system of classification are even more reason to demand symbols, categories and elements that are based on scientific evidence and knowledge of child development. Now's the time to do it!    


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