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This is a coin pusher arcade style game. Caution: in-app purchasing, advertising, gambling content.


Contains some elements of gambling

This review of Coin Dozer was completed by the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) on 22 February 2014.

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Name of app: Coin Dozer
Developed by: Game Circus LLC
Platform reviewed: Apple App Store, Google Play
Cost: Free
Gambling content advice: Contains some elements of gambling. This game may contain devices which mimic those found in a casino; but the player is not risking something of value to play. Refer to the gambling section of this review for further details

ACCM review

This review of Coin Dozer contains the following information:

The level to which the game was reviewed

Levels 1 - 6

App description

This is a coin pusher arcade style game.

Reviewers comments

In this slow-paced game, player is presented with a platform containing gold coins. At the back of the platform is a block which pushes coins forward. At the front of the platform is a bucket into which the player is aiming to push the coins. At both sides are voids into which coins can fall off and be lost. The player begins with an allocation of extra coins. The player can tap to drop coins which land at the back of the platform. As coins accumulate at the back and are pushed forward by the block, others are pushed to the front and fall into the player’s bucket. Some coins also are pushed off the side into the void. Periodically, special coins and prizes also appear on the platform. The aim is for the player to collect as many coins and prizes as possible. Players collect XP points to move up levels. Players slowly collect Dozer Dollars, which can be used for special items. Collecting prizes may unlock bonuses. The player receives one more coin every 30 seconds. Bonuses may be awarded when multiple coins or special coins are collected.

Players may attempt to use strategy as to the best place to drop coins to try to ensure that the coins are pushed off the front and not to the sides.

This App is a tricky one to categorise in regards to gambling content. There are elements of chance, and virtual coins are being used in play,  so good conversations around its use are needed.

In App purchasing

Extra coins can be purchased for $0.99 to $19.95. Player can use Dozer Dollars to get bonus items, such as coin walls – extra Dozer Dollars can be purchased for $1.99 to $17.50.

Online information



Some parents may consider this to be a simulated gambling game. An ad was presented for a simulated gambling slot game.

Advertising and product placement

Adverts for simulated gambling games were viewed during this review.

Gender stereotypes and sexual references


Coarse language


Game playing behaviour which may be of concern to some parents




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