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This app is a virtual vehicle building and driving game. No advanced skills required in order to play. Suitable for children 4 and up.


No gambling content found in the levels played

This review of LEGO® Juniors was completed by the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) on 12 March 2019.

About the app

This section contains details about the app provided by an ACCM Reviewer.

Name of app: LEGO® Juniors
Developed by: LEGO systems A/S
Platform reviewed: Apple App Store
Cost: Free
Developer's suggested age: 4+
ACCM suggested age: 4+
Gambling content advice: No gambling content found in the levels played

ACCM review

This review of LEGO® Juniors contains the following information:

The level to which the game was reviewed

Our Reviewer played the game over several days.

App description

LEGO Juniors allows players to construct their chosen vehicle and character to drive through a short driving course. Players are first to construct their character by choosing from body parts; hair, head, body and legs. You are then taken to a garage where players must choose a vehicle body (either a car chassis or helicopter body). From there, players are guided to complete the construction of the vehicle by swiping parts onto it. Your chosen character then gets into the vehicle to commence the journey. Direction of the vehicle is automatic, players only need to press and hold the drive button in the lower right-hand corner. Gold coins are collected through the course and automatically unlock further features such as; new character body parts, vehicles and interactive landmarks.

Reviewers comments

At the time of review, there were no concerns with this app. There are no ads, in-app purchasing, social media connectivity or concerning game playing behaviour. The game is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Having a limited number of base configurations to build from may (to some extent) affect creativity. However, the point is to build a driveable vehicle, and there are a several different combinations to experiment with when choosing character body parts. If children are enthusiastic about Lego in general, and there’s some available, it would be good for learning to encourage building their own creations rather than always replying on being led to construct set designs.

In App purchasing

  • There is no In-App purchasing in this game.

Online information

  • There is no online connectivity required to play this game.


At the time of review, the reviewer found no simulated gambling content.  If you discover simulated gambling content in this app, please contact us with the details so we can update our review.

Advertising and product placement

There is no advertising in this app, but parents should be aware that it is based upon the physical LEGO toy merchandise.

Gender stereotypes and sexual references

  • None noted.

Coarse language

  • None noted.

Game playing behaviour which may be of concern to some parents

  • None noted.



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