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This app is a platform obstacle game. Players must run through the course and avoid various traps and pitfalls to reach the destination. Not recommended under 13 years due to pop-up ads and social media connectivity.


No gambling content found in the levels played

This review of Monkey Stunt Run was completed by the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) on 19 April 2018.

About the app

This section contains details about the app provided by an ACCM Reviewer.

Name of app: Monkey Stunt Run
Platform reviewed: Apple App Store
Cost: Free
Developer's suggested age: Rated 9+ for the Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
ACCM suggested age: Not recommended under 13 years due to pop-up ads and social media connectivity.
Gambling content advice: No gambling content found in the levels played

ACCM review

This review of Monkey Stunt Run contains the following information:

The level to which the game was reviewed

Level 13 (Career Mode)

App description

In Monkey Stunt Run, players must navigate their way through an obstacle course, including such things as swinging logs and boulders, moving platforms and shooting arrows. Direction is achieved with an onscreen joystick and swiping up makes the monkey jump.  There are two modes within this game: Career mode and Survival mode. Career mode will take the player through levels of increasing difficulty. In Survival mode, players must last as long as they can in a single game and collect as many bananas as possible. Pressing either the Facebook or Twitter buttons will take you out of the app and into the respective social media platforms.

Reviewers comments

While this game is quite simple in design and objective, at times movement is slightly jolty and can affect the player’s ability to avoid certain obstacles. Certain glitches may also make the monkey miss and/or fall through solid platforms and hence some children may become frustrated with this. The greater concern for parents is the amount of ads in this game. Not only are there small, pop up ads throughout, but there are full screen ads between screen transitions – the ones that you can’t cancel out of until 20 – 30 seconds have passed. Most of these were for other game apps.

In App purchasing


Online information

  • Connectivity with social media


At the time of review, the reviewer found no simulated gambling content.  If you discover simulated gambling content in this app, please contact us with the details so we can update our review.

Advertising and product placement

Heavy saturation of ads for games throughout.

Gender stereotypes and sexual references

None noted.

Coarse language

None noted.

Game playing behaviour which may be of concern to some parents

The technical glitches in this game might cause frustration for some children.



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