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An interactive educational game about plants, animals and different biomes.


No gambling content found in the levels played

This review of Plants by Tinybop was completed by the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) on 30 January 2015.

About the app

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Name of app: Plants by Tinybop
Developed by: Tinybop Inc
Platform reviewed: Apple App Store
Cost: Paid
ACCM suggested age: 4+
Gambling content advice: No gambling content found in the levels played

ACCM review

This review of Plants by Tinybop contains the following information:

The level to which the game was reviewed

There are no levels within this game.

App description

Plants is a game designed to teach players about different plants and animals, and their environments. The player can interact with the plants and animals to see how different seasons and types of weather affect them.

Reviewers comments

Plants by Tinybop teaches players about the effect that seasons and different environments have on plants. There are three interactive biomes in the app for the player to explore and learn about. Each biome consists of plants and animals that are native to that environment. The player can move the animals around, feed them and also change the seasons and the time of day. The player can also swipe around the screen to create wind or sun, tap clouds to make it rain and rub clouds together for lightening.

The first biome is a forest. There are four types of plants that the player can have an up-close interaction with in the forest. The first is the White Oak, where the player can use the wind and the sun to turn the seeds into acorns. The second is the Blood Root, where the player can swipe a bee around the flowers to pollinate them and turn them into fruit. The third is the Tawny Milkcap Mushroom, where the player can use the wind to move fallen leaves around and watch the mushroom decompose the leaves. The fourth is the Great Rhododendron, where the player watches what happens to the plant when it snows or when it is sunny.  

The second biome is the arid desert, where the player can examine three types of plants. The first is the Date Plum, where the player can ripen the fruit with the sun and make it fall to the ground with the wind. The second is the Alfalfa, where the player can make it rain and watch it grow. The third is the Skipped Aloe, where the player can cut sections off the plant to see what is inside.

The third biome is the Temperate Grasslands, where the player can explore two types of plants. The first is Pampas Grass, where the player can make an animal eat the grass and watch what happens to the plant. The second is the Ombu, where the player can use the wind to make the leaves fall to the ground and watch the plant regrow them.

Each biome of this app shows labels for each of the plants to help the player learn. There is also a ‘dashboard’ section of the app which is restricted to players over the age of 15 (see Online Information and Advertising for more information).

Plants by Tinybop is an excellent way to teach children about the life cycles of nature through the different seasons.

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In the dashboard section of the app there are advertisements for the developer’s other app games.

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