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Simulated 2 dimensional golfing game.


Simulated casino style gambling

This review of Super Stickman Golf 2 was completed by the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) on 2 April 2014.

About the app

This section contains details about the app provided by an ACCM Reviewer.

Name of app: Super Stickman Golf 2
Developed by: Noodlecake Games
Platform reviewed: Apple App Store, Google Play
Cost: Free
ACCM suggested age: 18+ Gambling content
Gambling content advice: Simulated casino style gambling. Player is risking money or something of value on an outcome of an event involving chance when the probability of winning or losing is less than certain. Refer to the gambling section of this review for further details

ACCM review

This review of Super Stickman Golf 2 contains the following information:

The level to which the game was reviewed

Levels 1-8

App description

This is a two-dimensional simulated golf game where the player adjusts the swing angle and power of a golf shot in order to reach the goal. The objective of the game is to get the golf ball into the goal in the least number of moves possible. This game requires skills in relation to predictive spatial and temporal awareness.

Reviewers comments

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a two-dimensional golfing game based around the adjustment of angle and power by the player in order to propel the golf ball to a goal in the least number of shots. This game has many other integrated features, such as Google+ syncing, and asks the player to sign in with their Google+ account every time the game is started. In addition to this, players are able to customise their character with a variety of unlockable in-game items. Players can unlock new character skins, new ‘hats’ with in-game effects, as well as a different ‘trail’ for their golf ball by using ‘Bux’ (the in-game currency). Players can gain additional ‘bux’, either by fulfilling certain in-game requirements or by purchasing additional ‘bux’ at the in-game store. With this currency, players can choose to level up their character (which unlocks more skins), purchase different ball trails, or use ‘bux’ in the ‘Hat Lottery’. This lottery is a system whereby players insert a specified amount of in-game currency and have a chance to unlock a new hat for their character. More ‘bux’ will increase the chance of a new hat being unlocked. This element of the game appears to be quite similar to how a slot machine functions, thus potentially posing a serious risk to children in regards to simulated gambling. It is also worth noting that this game features a great number of full-screen advertisements that require manual player action to close. These ads feature games relating to gambling, poker machine simulators, and potentially inappropriate ‘dating simulation’ games. Periodically throughout the game, a pop-up option challenges the player to complete a golf course within a set number of shots. If the player is unsuccessful, the game taunts the player with a large ‘FAILED’ sticker, which the player must then manually close.

In App purchasing

Extra in-game currency and additional in-game items can be purchased with for prices ranging from $1.90 (for a ‘Last Shot Power Indicator’) to $19.11 (for 2000 golf ‘bux’). 

Online information

This game features Google+ integration, and continuously asks the player to sign in with their Google+ account (this occurs each time the player logs in, as well as throughout the game).


This game features an in-game gambling element, as well as full-screen gambling advertisements. See reviewer’s comments for more detail.

Advertising and product placement

This game features full-screen advertisements for various gambling-related apps and services. See reviewer’s comments for more detail.

Gender stereotypes and sexual references


Coarse language


Game playing behaviour which may be of concern to some parents

This game features strong gambling elements and online account integration. 



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