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Virtual xylophone- glockenspiel app.


No gambling content found in the levels played

This review of Xylophone was completed by the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) on 12 May 2016.

About the app

This section contains details about the app provided by an ACCM Reviewer.

Name of app: Xylophone
Developed by: Easy labs
Platform reviewed: Google Play
Cost: Free
ACCM suggested age: 4+
Gambling content advice: No gambling content found in the levels played

ACCM review

This review of Xylophone contains the following information:

The level to which the game was reviewed

This app was used over several days.

App description

This app is a virtual musical instrument, which allows young children to experience the fun of exploring and creating musical sounds.

Reviewers comments

The app is used by simply tapping on one or several of the coloured metal xylophone keys.  The sound produced by the musical instrument ranges from middle c to the next octave, with multi-touch keys available.  The app has a clear and realistic sound quality.  Recording of tunes is not available.

In App purchasing

No: No in app purchases were found during this review.

Online information



No simulated gambling content was found during this review.

Advertising and product placement

Advertising material is visible during app use.  The advertising material is positioned at the top section of the screen, being easily accessible for the target audience.  Google claims that a variety of ads are seen in apps that are part of the Google Display Network and are based on the content of the app or recent geographic location used.  No ad free version is available.

Gender stereotypes and sexual references


Coarse language


Game playing behaviour which may be of concern to some parents

No game playing behaviour which may be of concern to parents was found during this review.



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No gambling content found in the levels played