Australian Council on Children and the Media

Fast food advertising issues

Children are bombarded with fast food advertising through every media outlet. The ACCM advocates for a significant reduction in the marketing of junk food to children in all formats including television and print advertising, and in the use of celebrity and character endorsements and premium offers. This could be achieved initially through a ban on television advertisements for such products during the times that children watch in large numbers.

To date both the Labor and Coalition governments have been unwilling to act to reduce children’s exposure.

In 2012 the Australian National Preventive Health Agency ANPHA, developed draft frameworks for the monitoring of television marketing and advertising to children of unhealthy food and drinks and received public submissions on them.  It also established a national working group on food marketing to children. This working group agreed that there was a need for a consistent monitoring method and listed in its action report that the Agency should continue to develop a standard approach that will facilitate regular, independent monitoring of the exposure to children to the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks.

In May 2014, legislation has been introduced by the Coalition government to disband ANPHA.

We are told that ANPHA’s work is to be taken over by the Commonwealth Dept of Health.  We’ll be watching.  

Parents Jury also advocate on these issues. Add your voice to their campaign.

Junkbusters is an Australian site sponsored by the NSW Cancer Council that allows parents to complain about inappropriate food advertising.